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Our Work Featured in Logo Lounge 11

— Our Work in Logo Lounge 11 — Our Work in Logo Lounge 11

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“Your work is being featured in the design books you used to devour when we were in school. How cool is that?”

That’s what a friend of mine pointed out the other day (although I guess she wouldn’t use a word like “devour”, but you get the point). I hadn’t thought about it this way until she mentioned it, and yes it does feel cool. I have about half the books of the Logo Lounge collection, and even though I have never thought about submitting my own work until now, this year two of our logos got picked out of 40,000 submissions to be included in their new book.

It feels great to have our work next to other designers we admire, this is enough motivation to keep us creating the best work we can. The Logo Lounge books are well-curated and a great source of inspiration for any brand designer. You can get this issue and some of their past books on Amazon and other design stores.