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New Ventures, New Brands.


FUNDES is a Latin American consultancy that helps micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises integrate into the value chains of large companies. We had previously redesigned their brand identity, and for this project we created a visual system for their new business ventures. These included FUNDES Solutions, FUNDES Insights, and FUNDES Strategy. These sub-brands needed to be distinct yet still feel connected to the overall FUNDES brand.

Our Process

We created three sub-brands for the new ventures based on the original logo. Using its structure allowed us to name the new business ventures alongside their original brand. This helped maintain a level of consistency and clarity for anyone interacting with the company.

Each sub-brand was also given its own colors, based off of their original color palette, making each venture instantly recognizable and distinct. Finally, we created a series of illustrations that lived within these color palettes that could be used across their branding and marketing materials, adding a sense of fun and playfulness to the overall brand.

Client: Fundes
Services: Art Direction, Brand Design
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