High-quality bamboo products.


Eco Kitchenware is a brand that creates high-quality bamboo products for your kitchen. As a brand they want to make a difference in your daily living and our environment by creating eco-friendly, toxin-free kitchen utensils, that are manufactured from sustainable materials. A percentage of all their products’ proceeds are invested in micro loans to help aspiring entrepreneurs facing the challenges of poverty. They trusted us to design their new brand identity and packaging. We love to work on projects like this that want to improve the world.

Our Process:

It was a challenge to come up with a graphic identity that looks different from the rest of their category while maintaining a natural and eco-friendly look. We decided to create a modern, geometric look for the brand, that is distant from the organic graphics that predominate the brand’s niche. We designed a custom typography for their logotype and some simple illustrations for their packaging, as well as patterns that they can use in their communication.

We wanted to give their packaging design an clean and fresh appearance. It was also important for the design to look modern to resonate with its new brand identity. We choose a color palette of green and blue tones that is different from the traditional all-green palettes of its niche.

This design won a packaging silver award on the 4th edition of the Latin American Design Awards.

Client: Eco Kitchenware  Services: Brand Identity & Packaging