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Our client, Finca, helps provide funds to rural farmers and businesses outside of the normal financial systems. They tasked us with refreshing their brand identity. However, since starting Finca, the business had created two additional brands: Edesa and Empresas de Crédito. The logos for all three brands were the same, with only the name changing.

Our brief was to create three unique brand identities for each of the brands while maintaining a common thread between them. This would allow the brands to have their own look and feel while remaining part of the bigger ‘family’ of brands.

Our Process:

Since Finca was the original brand, we kept the colors of the logo, green and blue. We also maintained the idea of the mountain from the original logo, as it speaks to the concept of dreams, goals, and aspirations. However, we updated it to have a cleaner look. For the logotype, we created a custom typography, giving the brand a modern feel.

We chose green as the primary color for Finca, but mainained the blue from the original logo as a secondary color. This was consistent across all three brands as well.

Client: Finca Services: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity