Thriving Together.


Our client, Empresas de Crédito is a community-based fundraising platform for medium and small businesses. Their brand was created out of the FINCA and EDESA brands with a community focus. They tasked us with creating their own unique brand identity as they had been using the same logo as their other two brands. While designing their new brand identity we needed to create a common thread across the three brands.

Our Process:

For the logo, we maintained the concept of the mountain as it speaks to the idea of dreams, goals, and aspirations. This theme is present across their three brands. We added the sun rays which gave the brand a warmer, hopeful outlook. Since this is a community-based brand we wanted people to have a warm association with it from the get-go.

We chose red as the primary color palette, as this gave the brand the feeling of an established institution. The logotype varies depending on the location of each subsidiary.

Client: Empresas de Crédito Services: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity.