Volio & Trejos


Portfolio Booklet for Volio & Trejos.


Volio & Trejos is a leading construction company with more than thirty-five years of experience. They are located in Costa Rica and have built the country’s most important real estate developments. They asked us to design a booklet that would display their large array of work, including photos and information about each project.

Our Process

We designed a booklet that’s separated in three parts, in order to make its reprint easy as new construction projects are developed and built:
– A folder that serves as the main container for the booklet & other documents.
– A section that describes the company’s history, philosophy, equipment, and team.
– A folder in the back of the booklet that contains the company’s projects divided into categories. The categories were printed separately so that they can be easily changed as their portfolio grows.
Client: Volio & Trejos
Services: Art Direction, Editorial